Alps Art is the sole distributor in India for Tri-Chem Art Essentials.

Tri-chem manufactures fabric and glass paints and other craft accessories. There is a line of over 270 fabric paints, stencils, iron-on designs, exclusive glass paints and accessories, that are sold in countries all over the world.

We have developed an educational system that teaches everyone to paint, even a person who has never held a brush in his hand can master this art. In fact for the most part, this system eliminates the brush altogether. A person learns to paint very easily & simply with tri-chem's brushless paint applicator and achieves a creative & artistic standard. In order to learn this new effortless method within India you can contact the instructors at Alps Art.

You can start as a customer of Alps Arts who just wants to learn to paint and further move on to becoming an instructor, or if you like you can start as an instructor right away. We provide instructors training. No prior experience in painting is required.

Tri-Chem has achieved immense success  in the United States and in over fifty countries around the world. We are always looking for new dealers to supply our paint products in your city or state. In order to purchase tri-chem products anywhere within India contact Alps Art.