Paintable Items
We are indeed a one stop shop for anyone who ever desired to paint something beautiful but was afraid to. Tri-chem's artists produce many new designs each year that come as unique self shaded transfers, multiple use intricate stencils, preprinted pictures or decorons with exquisite designs and easy to follow step by step instructions to paint.

We provide self shaded designs on white decoron with step by step instructions.

Colored Decoron
Black & White Decoron

Suncatchers And Magnets
They are clear plastic decorative peices with premolded outlining to produce extralight to enhance your light reflecting window peices.

Suncatchers :

Magnets :

Transfers and Designs
Trichem iron-on transfers and designs are perhaps one of our most popular items. This mainly due in part to their versalitity and reusability. Sheets provide the end user with a sense that they can easily enhance the image already given to them.

Self Shaded Transfers
Self -Shaded transfers are shaded hot iron-on transfers, reusable for 3 applications and ideal for use on white or any light colored fabric.

Transfer Books
Transfer Books are so usable and loaded with designs for every purpose.  Hot iron lined transfers with a ready to paint instructions chart. Each designs is capable of giving as many as 8 or more impressions.

Decorating with transfers
Lite 'N Easy Transfers
Lite 'N Easy transfers have been designed for use on dark and black fabrics. They are white line hot iron transfers.

Stencils are unique pre-cut, intricate, reusable plastic designs, extremely easy to use, perfect for every occasion at home or on your apparel.

Paint and Press
Each Paint & Press is made up of sturdy white molded plastic with an attached handle for easy use. When it's applied to fabric, it renders a hand crafted relief print.

Creative Clay
Ideal for creating jewelry, sculptures, ornaments, designs on vases, pots, tiles and so much more.